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Treasury Of Puppies
Mitt Stora Nu ( limited LP + insert)

Mitt Stora Nu ( limited LP + insert)


07 DM07


1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Mar 14, 2022

TREASURY OF PUPPIES Mitt Stora Nu Discreet Music

Nine tracks of 'life-affirming downer music' by Swedish duo Charlott Malmenholt and Joakim Karlsson aka Treasury Of Puppies. Mitt Stora Nu is the Gothenburg-based duo's second album, following last year's titled Lollos Dagbok and their eponymous debut back in 2020. A collection of lo-fi and quirky indie-pop ditties, all said to have been influenced by Edgar Allan Poe as much as Britney Spears. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and pressed in an edition of 1000 copies. Comes with insert.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Tracked and send in specified vinyle packaging with plastic sleeve protection and stickers. Rip Samples from vinyl, pics and Discount on Please feel free to ask informations about our products and sell conditions. We ship vinyles world wide from our shop based in Montpellier (France). Come to visit us. Le Discopathe propose news and 2nd hands vinyls, collectors, rare and classic records from past 70 years


Jag Såg Ditt Ljus


Rotten Apples Of Love


Bränna, Känna


Skriv När Du Är Hemma


Koka En Vit Orm


Dödens Soffa


Vidriga Simulerade Ängel


Mitt Stora Nu


En Blick I Blicken

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