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Ici pas de spécialité mais une volonté indéniable de partager notre passion pour la musique. Vous y trouverez de tout et on l'espère prendrait plaisir à venir fouiller dans nos bacs. En attendant passer un bon moment sur notre site, profitez des rubriques mises à jour quotidiennement selon nos arrivage de disques, et contactez nous directement par mail histoire de discuter ou bien nous faire un retour. Venez à plusieurs on a aussi plein de délicieux produits issu du terroir languedocien !!! Retrouvez notre programmation sur les réseaux Insta et facebook.

Favorite New Releases : Nos coups de coeur du moment, des disques et des artistes en quête d'écoute

The highly anticipated long player from DJ, producer and musician Lorenzo Morresi alongside 22a label boss, DJ, producer and musician Tenderlonious, sees them serve up 11 irresistible tracks inspired by Italo jazz funk and the Italian library sound."With this project we’ve done our best to deliver our own interpretation of this wonderful era of Italian music and rediscover a beautiful genre, whilst maintaining a strong respect and admiration for the sounds that the original Italian masters created. Their records impressed and inspired us and we hope it will be the same for our listeners today."
The next official reissue is a Balearic Dub album from Ambient Warrior originally released in 1995 on the Lion Inc label. The album is rooted in Dub but has a much broader scope taking in various musical influences from across the globe.Founder Ronnie Lion explains the concept “The Ambient Warrior was created as an outlet for myself and Andreas Terrano. At the time I was running Lion Music in Brixton, a popular mainly vocal roots label, and Andreas was teaching engineering at our studio. I soon realised he was a very talented guitar and piano player (Basement Jaxx also thought so and he worked with them around this time) and like myself we both wanted to create music that reflected our diverse influences. Andreas is of Italian, Armenian and Russian heritage and these musical influences clearly come through on the LP; over a Dub and Reggae backdrop you’ll hear a Tango and Bossa Nova style. The players on the album also come from different nationalities and genres, not just from the reggae scene, so this really created something authentic and unique”.The LP has been fully remastered from the original DAT tape with new full sleeve artwork from Bradley Pinkerton. Pressed on heavyweight 180 Gram Vinyl.
Today sees the phenomenal, London based 8-piece band Kokoroko anounce their long-awaited debut album Could We Be More via Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings.Could We Be More is an expansive and ambitious album that speaks to the force of Kokoroko. Each song possesses the energy which so naturally underpins the heartbeat of Kokoroko’s identity - deftly moving through afrobeat, highlife, soul, and funk across the album’s 15 tracks and taking inspiration from a plethora of other influences from within the West-African and Caribbean communities that the band grew up listening to - the album gifts the listener feelings of homecoming and joy.Speaking on the origins of Could We Be More, band members Sheila Maurice-Grey and Onome Edgeworth explain: “I think home has hugely informed the way we write and play our music. Everyone comes from different backgrounds but the thing that unites us in Kokoroko is that we all have a similar love and appreciation for afrobeat and highlife, whether that’s Ebo Taylor or Pat Thomas,” Sheila says. “It’s that feeling when you’re younger and you hear something and you feel some ownership over it. For me, Nigerian music and soul was played in the house a lot so I felt I had ownership over it so when I heard it elsewhere, there was a certain pride and energy filled with it. Recreating a piece of music that fills you with pride, ‘this is a piece of me and this is what I came from,’” Onome adds.Kokoroko have come to represent all that is blissfully sweet about London’s improvised music scene - an echo of the past that has taken on new forms while still sounding new and entirely original. The band are a vibrant example of the shape of things to come for British music: having released just 7 tracks (1x EP and 3x singles) in their short career, they have quickly developed a huge cult following with 60Million+ Spotify streams to their name and a classic record already under their belt in 2018's intimate viral masterpiece ‘Abusey Junction’.As they release their similarly immersive debut album, Kokoroko’s return feels particularly poignant. The collective are already winners of ‘Best Group’ at the Urban Music Awards 2020 and the Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2021, have been lauded in the NPR Austin 100 list, been crowned One To Watch by The Guardian, played across the globe at the likes of Glastonbury, Meltdown Festival, Elbjazz, Jazz a la Villette, We Out Here, SIM São Paulo and BBC6 Music Festival (to name a few), performed a raucous session for Boiler room and made their BBC Proms debut in the Royal Albert Hall; all up front of their debut record, which is as, progressive and musically versatile as you would expect from the eight different personalities within Kokoroko.With equal support across BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, Jazz FM, CLASH, Crack, The Observer, Evening Standard, Mixmag, Trench, gal-dem, Loud & Quiet, Rolling Stone, NATAAL + many more - what Kokoroko have achieved in the past four years is nothing short of remarkable.
When the great mystic Meister Eckhart went out from Gotha into the world to investigate the states of the souls of the clergy, the faithful and mankind in general, he soon ended up in the desert regions. A flash of lightning quickly passed through him, one of insight: the desert is us, it is within us. It is the place of total contemplation, a fortress of solitude. The real desert, whether Gobi, Sahara or Atacama, on the other hand, is populated: by animals, small and large, crawling and flying; by plants, prickly, green, brown or in permanent sleep; by billions of micro and macro organisms. PAWEL, your insights are like those of the mystic: THE DESERT IS ALIVE!

PAWEL'S BAR is the alias of Leipzig based Marvin Uhde aka QNETE. While as the latter he’s known for sophisticated house and shows a preference for breakbeats, Pawel's Bar is much more reserved and subtle. Its dub and downbeat structures that build the foundation on »Pawel’s Desert Trip«. Instead of faceing the dancefloor head-on, tracks like the shimmering WELWITSCHIA, the mellow MANY BIRDS or the nature-dubby PHARAOHS work excellently as companions for any life situation. Rather soundtracks of withdrawal than mere ecstatic escapism. Big feelings. Meanwhile, on RECYCLE, REFRESH and BEACH NIGHTS you can hear why QNETE is such a sought-after DJ and producer (X-Kalay, Shtum or 777): a deep knowledge of what a party might need, although nobody expects it - as Pawel's Bar he can prove this knowledge as well, even if he tries to disguise it.
 With this, he also follows the rumor that has been around for a few years about the Kame House Records: This is where great producers come to think outside the box and deliver their unexpectedly best records.
Produced and arranged by Uta MaruanayaVoiced at Itrol Tower Studio (Leeds)Recorded and mixed by UtaNetherlands
Marek Pędziwiatr has been part of the scene for over a decade now. He has gained recognition thanks to projects such as EABS and Błoto & Jaubi. Still, he has never emphasized his name through the prism of these bands, betting instead on collective work. The time has come now for Marek to present his debut album entitled Marianna, featuring him alone as Latarnik performing in a piano solo formula.Being sought after for years as a producer for other artists and as a composer and keyboardist for his own bands, he put his solo work on hold. In between all these activities, "Latarnik" was emerging slowly in Marek's head. Under his new alias, along with the Pakistani band Jaubi, he recorded one of the most important albums of 2021, Nafs at Peace, recognised by Pitchfork, The Guardian, DownBeat and Bandcamp.Latarnik, repeatedly awarded in Jazz Forum magazine's polls as Poland's greatest synth virtuoso, decided to reveal himself to listeners from a completely different angle. Influenced by the sound of solo recordings by Thelonious Monk, Ahmad Jamal, McCoy Tyner and Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, he gave up electronics in order to record (in an intimate way) a debut album commemorating his great-grandmother, using a hundred-year-old Steinway & Sons grand piano and analogue tape.The encounter with the main character begins in Maradtken (now Maradki), a place hard to find on the map, yet offering a very interesting story of remembrance and passing. In the early Iron Age a fortified settlement built by the people of the West Baltic Barrow culture was located there and it was bustling with life for many more centuries. The village was partially destroyed in the 18th century after a cholera cemetery had been established there. Around 1800, on a small hill a remarkable mill was built that remained a focal point of residents' life up until the outbreak of the Second World War.Marianna was Masurian. She was born in 1898, under Prussian rule, into a Polish- and German-speaking family. She spent her youth among Evangelicals being a devout Catholic herself, at the same time practicing traditional folk rites. She could cure people, she collected herbs, prepared potions and cast spells against illnesses. She had her own philosophy of life based on folk wisdom, which constituted a decalogue of her own, but she also relied on the extraordinary protection of the "Most Holy Mother of God". Marianna passed away at the age of 88, shortly before Marek was born. He only knew her from family stories which he then encapsulated in the emotional piano compositions on the album. Marianna is no longer with us, nor is the wooden mill in Maradki. In spite of this, the remembrance and peculiar recipes for life live on in the family, just as the afterimages of history in the old photographs from Maradtken have survived. Her story is universal: one of identity and wandering, of terror, the trauma of war, and perpetual scarcity. It is the story of an entire generation to which Marianna belonged passed on to us by our grandparents.
Four years after Nuova Napoli, Nu Genea are back with Bar Mediterraneo, a new album and journey, which projects the sounds of the Neapolitan duo formed by Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina even further.Nu Genea's Bar Mediterraneo is an idea of a shared place where people meet and fuse together; a space that leaves its doors open to travellers and their lives, always exposed to the whims of fate. Some of this can be experienced through the multitude of sounds that come together in the tracks, layers of different acoustic instruments, voices and synthesizers merging in a unique musical blend.Opening up to the voices of many different people, separated by languages but united by the sea and the music, Nu Genea's hometown, Napoli, becomes a true place of encounter.You can hear this all along. In "Gelbi", a gorgeously deep and propulsive Ney flute plunges into murky waters of the melancholic Tunisian dialect sung by Marzouk Mejri. In "Marechia'", unbridled happiness and sun ooze from the delicate vocals of Célia Kameni and create an acrobatic bridge between French and Neapolitan language. In "Straniero", your soul is arrested from the moment the slow spell-binding mandolin ignites the hypnotic patterns recorded by the legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen. In "Bar Mediterraneo", the title track, bittersweet guitar’s riffs, analog waves and choirs are overwhelming the song giving you what you would like to hear on a boat trip along the Amalfi Coast.Nu Genea couldn't afford to overlook their firmly anchored roots into the Neapolitan culture and its dialect with "Tienaté", where the power of neapolitan language (interpreted by Fabiana Martone) supports those quarter-tone strings and the uncessant folk-disco groove that spreads to the entire song. In "Praja Magia", repetitive mandolin riffs lead the song, giving space to a choral yet tight vocal line that speaks of Varcaturo, a village close to Napoli. In "Rire", a volley of poetic, deceptively laidback, lyrical fury interpreted by Sicilian Marco Castello intimately combines with a highly musical, multi-textured instrumental backbone and the swoon of a chanson in its heart. In "La Crisi'', the lyrics of a Raffaele Viviani’s poem from 1930 have been adapted to a laidback jazz-funk groove in full NG style. In "Vesuvio", revaluing the evocative verses and powerful mantra of Vesuvio, Nu Genea re-adapted to the dancefloor a folk song by the working-class band E’ Zezi from Pomigliano D'Arco, combining the voices of a school choir with Jupiter-6 arpeggios and bold percussions.Bar Mediterraneo is the place where people constantly return to transform curiosity into participation, tradition into sharing, unfamiliar into familiar. When travellers come through its “doors”, carrying their treasures of words and emotions, they aren’t strangers any more. They take part in a shared experience, enriching themselves and others by leading to unexpected musical journeys.
50 years on from the recording of Leo Nocentelli's Another Side album and it still resonates. To mark the occasion it gets a special first ever release on Light in the Attic featuring all new, unreleased and never before heard tunes. It was the guitarist's first ever album and it features Allen Toussaint, James Black and George Porter Jr. and Zigaboo Modeliste of The Meters. It was recorded at Cosimo Matassa's Jazz City Studio in New Orleans sometime in the early seventies but was somehow lost. It features some of his most tender and vulnerable sounds and is only being heard because it somehow survived Hurricane Katrina and was discovered 2000 miles away in Southern California.
Bon Voyage Organisation is above all the story of the construction of an ensemble, the quest for harmony, through music, between beings. A central leitmotiv in Adrien Durand's composition and production work for almost ten years.Emancipated from all constraints and affirming the radical choice - previously initiated with La Course - of an entirely instrumental sound, (Loin des) Rivages was recorded over five days in June 2020 at Jean-Benoit Dunkel's Studio Atlas (Air) and mixed the following summer by Adrien Durand in his Parisian studio, Bureau 12. It was an orchestrated performance considering that all ten tracks were played live, gathering up to thirteen musicians in the same room.This close collaboration allowed Adrien Durand and the members of the ensemble to transcend themselves. Together, they deliver the incredible energy of Sentier des Orpailleurs (and Adrian Edeline's superb solo), the depth of melancholy of Apacheta (co-written and co-arranged by Adrien Durand and Gustave Rudman), and the originality of Et s'éveillent...Inspired by the great explorers of the soul: Sun Ra, Moondog, Coltrane - a cover of his Naïma actually opens the album - Adrien Durand mixes humanity’s first instruments (the percussions and the winds) with its latest ones (the mixing tables and the synthesizers). Thus, he continues the most interesting yet rewarding artistic journey: The journey inward, far from the standards of civilization, in the heart of what some can take for madness, reaching into a jungle of the soul so marvelously represented in Clément Vuillet’s artwork.This is not an intellectual record but rather a spiritual effort, because, as Adrien Durand likes to repeat in his concerts: "Let us step into music as we step into a sanctuary."
**Killer album from Polish jazz quintet EABS!**Mutant, electronic jazz, maneuvering instrumental elements of hip hop, trap and drill to forge one of the most forward thinking jazz albums of the moment. Featuring Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, one of the forefathers of Polish jazz. Another ESSENTIAL release from Astigmatic Reecords!
Originally released in 2017 under his pseudonym No Quantize, Bird Syndrome, the first album of the french artist NxQuantize, is now being reissued with an additional remixed version. As a symbol of a new beginning , the talented musician and producer based in Marseille changes his alias and joins the Omakase Recordings music label to give a rebirth to his trip-hop opus tainted with jazz and electronic music.For this occasion, several artists who come from a broader musical spectrum have reinterpreted the Bird Syndrome’s nine tracks through a series of hip-hop, ambient, electronica and dance music remixes. The richness of this expanded release reflects the production process of NxQuantize next album, currently in progress...Discovering or re-discovering Bird Syndrome is like diving into the poetic and introspective world of an incredibly skilled musician in search of freedom, emotions and magic.
Pendant des décennies, la voix de Jean Carne a été un élément crucial du paysage musical américain, reliant des générations d'artistes de jazz, de gospel et de rhythm and blues. Nombreux sont ceux qui reconnaîtront Jean Carne pour sa production au début des années 1970, aux côtés de son mari de l'époque, Doug Carn, pour le label Black Jazz. En tant qu'artiste solo, choriste et coach vocal, elle a contribué et collaboré avec des artistes comme Norman Connors, Doug Carn, Dexter Wansel, Phyllis Hyman, Lonnie Liston Smith, Michael Jackson et bien d'autres. À 74 ans, elle ne montre aucun signe de ralentissement. Sa dernière collaboration avec Ali Shaheed Muhammad et Adrian Younge est une démonstration claire de la référence continue au passé pour éclairer l'avenir.
Anteloper is the duo of jaimie branch (trumpet, synths, vocals) and Jason Nazary (drums, synths). Their new album Pink Dolphins was produced by Jeff Parker (Tortoise, The New Breed), using improvisations the duo recorded at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn. The album cover art was a collaboration between illustrator John Herndon (also known as drummer for Tortoise) and jaimie branch (whose digitally treated watercolor technique just keeps getting better). The duo's previous two albums - 2018's Kudu (issued on vinyl for the first time in January 2022) and 2020's in-progress report Tour Beats Vol. 1 - both acted as 'proof-of concept' experiments, merging synths, raw experimental desktop electronics, gadgets, and efx with the energy and attitude of punk and an insatiable thirst for extended outer space jams. Pink Dolphins presents a fully-molted and firing-on-all-cylinders expression of the duo/project, as realized by Parker in the lab.
6-track album from a musician with a long list of credits including South African trumpet legend Hugh Masekela, afrobeat co-creator Tony Allen and Ethiopian jazz originator Mulatu Astatke as well as many Brit-jazz and other international roots artists. “It’s Time” blends Afro-jazz groove, free improv, spoken poetry and other-worldly atmosphere, with lyrics and titles hinting at unorthodox takes on reality and the times we live in.
Bassist Daniel Casimir is not well known outside of hardcore British jazz circled but he should be. Part fo the reason for the is because he is a bassist, which is not one of the more cerated parts of any band, but he does it better than most, and has played on all of tenor saxophonist Nubya Garcia's records up to now. His new album Boxed In is an eleven-track suite that sees him step out of the shadows as part of an acoustic quintet alongside the likes of Garcia and Moses Boyd. It is influenced by film and television soundtrack music and makes for a thrilling listen.
"The last time I found myself on the phone with Jean-Christian Mboumba Mackaya known as Mack-Joss - founder of the Mighty Orchestra Massako - I could hear gun-shots in the background. Libreville was upside down following the re-election of president Ali Bongo in August 2016. By the time I was ready to go ahead with this project, Mack-Joss’s phone number had been disconnected, and shortly afterwards I found out that the baobab of Gabonese music had fallen.An adept of folk rhythms, Mack-Joss’s career as a musician began when he was just 17 of age and he quickly established himself as a staple of Libreville’s nightlife scene, singing in various local bands. By 1966 he had released “Le Boucher”, his first hit which swept the African airwaves and earned him the respect of Franco, the legendary master of Congolese Rumba. Franco´s encouragement helped transform him from a Gabonese singer into an ascendent figure of pan-African culture.Between 1968 and 1970 Mack-Joss and his Negro-Tropical immortalised a good number of singles recorded in a makeshift open-air recording studios and in 1971 Gabon armed forces decided to form their own band. Mack-Joss was recruited to become the band leader and this was the birth of Orchestre Massako which became Gabon’s national orchestra.At the end of the 1970´s funds were made available to bring recording equipment over from France. Studio Mobile Massako was born and Mack-Joss’s songwriting ability provided hit after hit. The master tapes with the recordings were sent to Paris for mixing and Mack-Joss would personally make the journey to France, carrying the reels in his hand luggage. The vinyl records were then pressed in France and shipped back to Gabon, and to other distributors throughout the continent. About a dozen long play records were recorded between 1978 and 1986 and most were released on Mass Pro, Mack-Joss´s own label. A few of these recordings featured a singer from Guinée Conakry by the name of Amara Touré who had joined Orchestre Massako as a singer in 1980 and had become an important ingredient in the band’s success. His specific voice, impossible not to recognise, left no one unmoved (ask those who listened to the compilation AALP078).Mack-Joss’s retirement in 1996 marked the end of Orchestre Massako. With a four decades spanned career, his contribution to Gabonese culture cannot be overstated and continues to inspire the respect and devotion of people who knew him. "
NEUE GRAFIK ENSEMBLEFoulden Road Part TwoTotal Refreshment CentreSouth London based producer and multi-instrumentalist Neue Grafik announces his new EP 'Foulden Road Part II' from his Neue Grafik Ensemble band, released 25th March on Total Refreshment Centre. The sequel to their impressive 2019 release 'Foulden Road', Neue Grafik continues to incorporate 100% live takes with the ensemble, as well as solo productions that reflect Neue Grafik's past work with both the Rhythm Section and 22a labels.Neue Grafik explains, "This EP is a reflection of the social context which surrounds me" – created in a year of much social isolation as well as political unrest, 'Foulden Road II' explores the complex feelings that he found himself battling. He adds "In 2019, we released 'Foulden Road Part I', which was a transitional album, exploring a new culture and navigating between two worlds: Paris and London. 'Part II' is a bit darker, closer to realness with a sprinkle of hope. I couldn't have predicted that I'd finish it encased in my flat, between four walls, in December 2020 after a year of lockdown, Brexit, George Floyd protests, and without London's brilliant culture mesmerising my mind. Everything was sad and closed. Hills were difficult to climb. But it also gave me the time to work hard and deliver this second part of Foulden Road, pushing it forward".
Joshua Smeltink is a pianist and producer who works under the On-Ly alias. Since around 2017 has he been playing local bars as well as being a part of a number of different bands. He is currently busy with his own On-Ly band which features Carl Lindeberg on bass, Henry Hicks strumming the guitar and Bryce Zelno from Astral Feld on drums. This heavyweight new album explores worldly rhythms with plenty of off-beat grooves, finger clicks, hulling great drum hits, dark synth sounds and expressive broken beats and jazz melodies to make for an album that is as primal sounding as it is beautiful.
A decade after it first surfaced on CD and digital, Kaidi Tatham's superb contribution to Jazz:Refreshed's now legendary 5ive series of mini-albums has finally made it onto vinyl. We don't expect these to hang around in stock too long, in part because it's one of the most consistently on-point and musically expansive sets in Tatham's vast catalogue - and that's saying something. For proof, check the soulful bruk-up business of 'To My Surprise' (reminiscent of the best of the collective Bugz in the Attic project he was a big part of), the fluid, spiritual jazz-funk brilliance of opener 'Don't Hide Your Love' and the expansive, up-tempo excellence of 'Organic Juggernaut', where fluttering flutes, squelchy bass and sparkling pianos catch the ear.
Jéricho – De Dreit Nien (2020 on CD)Double album in gatefold sleeve with artwork by Elodie Ortega. In co-production with La Nòvia & released in an edition of 400. The Jericho project is fully in line with the approach of the La Nòvia collective from which it originates, a hub for like-minded musicians reinventing regional folk repertoires, marrying traditional French song with minimalism via the use of drone. Jericho is just one of many available permutations of La Nòvia members, with the line-up including Yann Gourdon, Clément Gauthier, Jacques Puech and Antoine Cognet – you could say it’s La Nòvia’s flagship, or super-group. There are no dramatic stylistic shifts here, this is a story of gradual evolution within parameters that Jericho, and La Nòvia, have set for themselves. That also applies to their interpretation of individual songs, which are largely traditional.They can build from almost nothing to reach a furious, near-hallucinatory pitch, underpinned by Gourdon and driven higher by Cognet’s banjo and Gauthier and Puech’s cabrettes (Auvergnat bagpipes). Gauthier and Puech also sing in unison but drift marginally in and out of time with each other, creating a natural delay effect. Many of the songs slide into each other in long sequences, adding to the sense of disorientation; the one which runs from ‘Revenant Des Noces’ to ‘Trois Mariniers’ takes in both eerie, keening balladry and wild dances. When Jericho hit their stride at these moments – see also, especially, the glorious ‘Planh De la Madalena’ – they leave you feeling like you’re spinning forever, encircled by whirling bodies caught up in dancing mania.L’Oreille Dauphine: An ambitious reinvention of Auvergne songs, where popular tradition mixes with a truly modern aesthetic, a mixture of contemporary folk and drone. The opportunity to discover the unfortunately declining Occitan language as well as unusual instruments such as the limousine bagpipes or the hurdy-gurdy, which by continuous and powerful "drones" ensure this continuity between ancestral heritage and avant-garde.This album marks an astonishing symbiosis, where the joyful frenzy of a wedding song can mingle seamlessly with a hypnotic and transcendent yet profane mysticism, against a backdrop of deep roots in the earth, thereby consecrating a nobility of heart. which frankly conquered mine. —Martin

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Diffusé et produit par Arte, "3 Jour à Motorbass" est un documentaire qui retrace les 3 jours de session accoustique de Lomepal et de ses musiciens aux studio Motorbass (Philippe Zdar). Considéré comme l'un des rappeurs Parisiens les plus influents du moment, les 15 titres enregistrés lors de cette section accoustique (tiré des deux premiers albums du chanteur) sont aujourd'hui disponible en Vinyle LP !
Finally it has been revealed that there is in fact a US-pressing. This one! But please note, that the downloadcode included in the US-pressing apparently cannot be accessed outside the US! So we recommend to order the EU-pressing ( 508245).A Tribe Called Quest - Q-Tip, Phife Dawg (who passed away on March 22nd, 2016), Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi White - the groundbreaking 90's group that forever transformed the urban music landscape reunited on their first and last studio album together in eighteen years. Guests on ''We got it from Here...Thank You 4 Your Service'' include, Kendrick Lamar, Elton John, Jack White, Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Consequence, Anderson.Paak, and Talib Kweli.
First Word Records is extremely proud to welcome back Children of Zeus with their sophomore album, 'Balance'.Following the release of their debut album 'Travel Light' in 2018 (which featured in numerous 'Album of the Year' lists), Tyler Daley and Konny Kon spent the next two years extensively touring the UK, Europe, Australia and South Africa.With shows on ice over the last 12 months, Children of Zeus took the time to mature their sound; 'Balance' is 50 minutes of future-classic British soul music encompassing hip hop, neo-soul, gospel and r&b. Konny's laidback flow once again merges with Tyler's unmistakable buttery vocals across a set of bass-heavy backdrops and smoothed-out keys, taking the blueprint from their debut and evolving it into a deeper, more-refined sound.As with previous material, the album is largely produced by the duo themselves, though we also see the return of Grammy-winner Beat Butcha, whose previous production credits include Jay Z, Beyonce, Nipsey Hussle, & Griselda (one of Butcha's productions graces first single 'No Love Song'). Title track 'Balance' comes from upcoming producer & Soulection regular, cay caleb and also features the only vocal feature on the album, from rising UK soul talents Akemi Fox and Georgie Sweet.The Children of Zeus journey began with a mutual love of 90s Manchester pirate radio; consuming hip hop and beats, r&b and street soul, lovers rock and dancehall, garage and bass music. Then followed decades of performing, creating and collaborating in different guises. Over the past few years, the hip hop soul duo have garnered props far and wide; from Jazzie B to Jazzy Jeff. They've done performances for the likes of Soulection and BBC, in addition to hosting their monthly NTS Radio show and collaborating with artists like Black Milk and Goldie.From travelling light, to travelling nowhere, it's been a time where we've all had to reflect on the lives we lead. This album is about equilibrium; walking the thin line of life and striving to keep your footing firm at all times, ever pushing forward. Balancing the rough with the smooth and the work with the play.The Children of Zeus sound is now fully grown. It's time to bring 'Balance' into the universe. This is unashamedly big people music to be played out of big speakers. The definitive sound of UK street soul in 2021. The story continues..'Balance' is released worldwide on June 4th 2021.01: Sunrise02: No Love Song03: I Know04: Be Someone05: I Need You06: Nice & Sweet07: Balance (feat. Akemi Fox & Georgie Sweet)08: Cali Dreams09: 42Long10: The Most Humblest Of All Time, Ever11: What I'm Seeing12: Love Again13: Sunset
"Relax yourself girl, please settle down..."
Reissue from 2015. One of the best HipHop album of the 2010"s. Pro Era !
Plaisance Records est fier de présenter sa nouvelle release en collaboration avec le label et collectif Jungelen : le producteur et rappeur norvégien Lars.Connu sous l’alias de Lars B quand il s’agit de beatmaking, de Kamuflars quand il s’agit de sortir des projets house ou broken beat sur le label Mhost Likely, Lars utilise son vrai nom pour révéler l’un de ses nombreux side-projects. « Nordnes » a été produit 3 ans avant sa sortie, par pure coïncidence, alors qu’il se plonge dans le memphis rap et qu’il découvre des projets comme Kryptonite (Pink Siifu, Liv.E & Lord Byron) ou aille en vacances dans des bains chauds naturels quelque part en Scandinavie. Naturellement, peu de temps après, il commence à produire dans son home studio des morceaux inspirés par le memphis rap, mais aussi le chopped’n’screwed auquel il rajoute ses claviers.« Nordnes » est un projet qui ne devait pas quitter son disque dur, un projet qui a été produit sans l’intention d’être sorti. En 2020, « Nordnes atteint les oreilles des deux co-fondateurs de Plaisance Records, Tom Manzarek et OG Maxwell. Quelques heures plus tard, Plaisance s’associe avec Simon Alejandro du collectif et label norvégien Jungelen pour sortir le projet en France et en Norvège, avec une édition limitée de 100 cassettes.« Nordnes » est un projet qui a été entièrement produit par Lars. Il inclut un featuring avec le rappeur et DJ norvégien Simon Alejandro aka Brun Viking.All tracks produced and performed by Lars - Track “Hon e Cool” featuring Simon Alejandro - Mastering by Qant - A&R by Thomas Berthelot, Maxime Ryckwaert, Simon Alejandro - Cover by Thomas Berthelot
Pricey but one of the best record of 2021... Inflo production. Very limited.
Format: gatefold 2xLP (side 4 etched) + MP3 download codeMac MILLERBest Day EverRostrum US
Taking the reigns for a repress, Jive Records have taken the important step of revisiting KRS One's rap classic 'Sound Of Da Police'. Besides the popularity of its uniquely catchy 'woop woop' refrain, this early 90s gem was the second and final single from KRS One's debut album Return Of The Boom Bap, and importantly criticizes the hypocrisies of the American justice system, as well as the horrors of racial profiling and police brutality. Besides the events of 2021 making this year the most appropriate time yet in which to re-release such a song, the funk heads at Juno will be keen to spot this classic's sampling of several greats, including licks by Grand Funk Railroad and Sly And The Family Stone.
Longtime hip-hop mainstays People Under The Stairs have a wealth fo great material but their 2002 album O.S.T. is one fo their best. It now finally gets a long overdue reissue after the group disbanded in 2019, a full 25 years after first hooking up and making a name with their inventive styles. This third record furthered their sample heavy sound and gave rise to one of their best known and most loved hits, 'Acid Raindrops.' Elsewhere the languid beats flow freely as the verses and the whole thing was produced in Thes One's home by him and pattern in rhymes, Double K.
Mndsgn, pronounced ‘mind design’, is the stage name of experimental hip-hop artist Ringgo Ancheta. Gaining notoriety after his collaboration with Danny Brown on ‘Sweeney Song’, Mndsgn released his first solo album, entitled Breatharian, on the Fresh Selects imprint back in 2013. He has released a subsequent three follow up albums on Stones Throw Records (one of the labels affiliated with J Dilla before his death in 2006). His latest album, SNAX, makes for easy and laid-back listening, a soulful blend of muted jazz and hip hop inspired beats played out under positive refrains like ‘I got da vibe’.
Madvillainy without the raps is still a classic w/ Madlib taking his place on the cover. Rest in Power MF DOOM.
Strictly limited reissue !
Need to say more ? One of the most original albums in hip hop history. This is West coast to the fullest and still fresh today !
*RED VINYL*Ace Hashimoto is a contemporary R&B singer, songwriter, and producer whose smooth vocals, frequently applied to jazzy hip-hop inspired productions, resemble a distinctive cross between Pharrell Williams and Frank Ocean. The Chicago native has been active on the hip-hop scene, producing for SZA, Mac Miller, and Chance the Rapper amongst others before moving to Toyko in 2017 to hone his songwriting & singing capabilities. While living in Japan, he wrote for two of the country's biggest acts in EXILE and CRAZYBOY/Elly of J-Soul Brothers and collaborated with fellow label-mate, Devin Morrison. The following year, around the time he scored his first digital hit "Natural" feat. Moeshop (acquiring over 2 million plays on Spotify) Hashimoto began working on Play.Make.Believe, an album recorded over a 3 month span after returning to the United States. He was able to enlist the talents of pH-1 (of Jay Park's H1GHRMUSIC), H.E.R producer, Lophile & many more assist in crafting this beautiful nod to his influences. The album's title, "Play.Make.Believe." comes from Hashimoto's acknowledgement of the music he grew up on as child and his effort to recreate that nostalgia for the future generation.
A full eight years on from their debut album on Stones Throw, Quakers are back with a follow up. The long awaited record is an immense affair from the much vaunted super group and it calls upon a number of collaborators along the way including radioactivist, Bob Banner, and Sampa The Great. IN fact, over the 30 tracks, 25 MCs add their own sounds to the production of Supa K (fka Katalyst), 7STU7, and Fuzzface, aka Geoff Barrow. It's an authentic modern day statement with hard hitting beats, incisive lyrics and a real narrative.
Bomb bomb bomb ! Il y a 10 ans, Freddie Gibbs avait annoncé peut-être un peu trop rapidement la sortie à venir d’un projet en commun avec le producteur The Alchemist. Un EP censé s’intituler The Devil’s Palace qui ne verra finalement jamais le jour, sans trop que l’on sache vraiment pourquoi… Une décennie plus tard, la deuxième tentative sera la bonne avec cette fois-ci une annonce au bon moment, seulement quelques jours avant la date de sortie officielle. Après un plan à trois avec Curren$y en 2018 sur Fetti, le rappeur de l’Indiana et le beatmaker originaire de Californie se retrouvent donc enfin en tête à tête sur un projet très attendu.

Ambient - Experimental - New Beat - Classical favorite Selection

Los Angeles-based bassist and regular Sam Gendel collaborator Sam Wilkes teams up with some likeminded friends to build on the febrile funk of 'One Theme' and shuttle it into lively prog-jazz territory. Synth-blasted, improv nu-jazz sunshine that's part Carlos Niño, part Quincy Jones, part Tortoise and part Dilla.The album springs out of a defined theme - fittingly the opening track - and spirals from that point, cascading in various disparate improvised directions.'Phillips' is an early highlight, focusing on an analog synth part that sounds as if it's been trapped in a Space Echo loop, before 'The Drums' sharply follows and hones in on overdriven drums that could have been chopped from Broadcast's underrated "Haha Sound". On 'Chris Fishman' the album nudges into more abstract territory as the percussion gets more purposed and eventually more chaotic, and cosmic synth improvisations hark back to Sun Ra before tapping into a fresh 4/4 Detroit splatter.The album feels as if it gets free-er as it progresses, snowballing quickly into Chicago post-rock territory while keeping an eye planter on the fusion canon - and the last three tracks are the most out-there on the album. Channeling the spiritual energy of Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane, Wilkes and his collaborators dip into pure beat scene psychedelia, closing on 'The 3rd', a track so faded you're likely to get a contact high.
Habitat, an environmental music collaboration by Berlin based composer Niklas Kramer and percussionist Joda Foerster, is inspired by the drawings of Italian architect Ettore Sottsass. Each of the eight tracks represents a room in an imaginary building.In Habitat the duo layers, loops and merges sonic textures and patterns into fluid blocks without the restraint of statics. African log drum, Bolivian chajchas, vibraphone, kalimba and various other percussion instruments are processed, pitched, harmonised and filtered through modular synth and script based sample cutting to form a collage of asynchronous layers.By using acoustic instruments and expanding their sound into abstract shapes, Habitat evokes a vague intimacy, a curious state of comfort in the unknown.
Edition of 500 copies with screenprinted covers, lyric book and additional insertBLOD - PILGRIMSSÅNGER LP (DISCREET MUSIC 08)Pilgrimssånger is the first of two new Blod albums deeply inspired by the Swedish Christian parish culture. The songs deals with human connection and solitude in a life built upon faith. The lyrics depicts exposure and anxiety but also joy and belief among free church members, the complexity of the relationships in the community with its leaders and priests and - ultimately - God. The songs are mainly influenced by Swedish folk music, psalms and choral music.While being an heavy album, Gustafs' intention has still been to fill the listener with hope and light rather than the opposite. As usual with Blod, the approach has been to highlight the beautiful things in generally ugly contexts, something that has probably never been as evident as on Pilgrimssånger.Pilgrimssånger features guest apperances by Elin Engströmd and Anna Johannesson on vocals and percussion. Joakim Karlsson mixed and mastered the album
Palto Flats & WRWTFWW Records are ecstatic to announce the highly-anticipated reissue of Japanese percussionist Midori Takada's sought after and timeless ambient / minimal album "Through The Looking Glass", originally released in 1983 by RCA Japan.Considered a Holy Grail of Japanese music by many, "Through The Looking Glass" is Midori Takada’s first solo endeavor, a captivating four-song suite capturing her deep quests into traditional African and Asian percussive language and exploring contemplative ambient sounds with an admirably precise use of marimba. The result is alternatively ethereal and vibrant, always precise and mesmerizing, and makes for an atmospheric masterpiece and an unparalleled sonic and spiritual experience.The fully licensed reissue is available as a single 33rpm LP and a limited 45rpm DLP, both cut directly from the original studio reels (AAA), at Emil Berliner (formerly the in-house recording department of renowned classical record label Deutsche Grammophon) for the 45rpm DLP, and at the equally famous Frankfurter SST Studio for the LP. It is also available in CD format for the first time. All versions come with extensive liner notes.
WRWTFWW Records and MEG Museum (Geneva) are honored to present the first new solo album by renowned Japanese percussionist Midori Takada (Through The Looking Glass) in 23 years, Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter, available on vinyl LP, housed in a 350gsm sleeve, with OBI, and liner notes, as well as on digipack CD.Recorded in a live setting and played with instruments conserved in the collections of the MEG Museum, Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter is Midori Takada’s very own rendition of "Nhemamusasa", a traditional work emblematic of the musical repertoire for mbira of the Shona of Zimbabwe, well known worldwide, thanks notably to its version by Paul F. Berliner included on the famed 1973 album The Soul of Mbira.The choice of this title by Midori Takada evokes the links between traditional African and contemporary music which are the foundation of this work, and it also translates the resolutely multicultural vision of the artist.Midori Takada explains: "African music is remarkable for its polyrhythms. Not only are there simultaneously several rhythmic motifs, sometimes as many as ten, but furthermore it may be that the part played by each musician has its own starting point and its own pace, all combining to form a cycle. All the cycles progress at the same time according to a single metrical structure which functions as a reference point, but which is not played by any one person from beginning to end. The structure emerges out of the multi-level parts, all different. With the Shona, the musical system is based on the polymelody: one performs simultaneously several melodic lines which are superimposed, each having its own rhythmic organization. It is truly captivating. In Western classical music, one four-beat rhythm induces some precise temporal framework and regular reference points, which come on the strong beats 1 and 3. But in the logic of the Shona musical system, and in other African music, the melody can begin in the very middle of the cycle and be continued up to some other place in an autonomous manner, as if it had its own personality. It’s very rich."The album comes with in-depth liner notes that include an interview with Midori Takada, a point of view by Zimbabwean scholar, musician and activist Forward Mazuruse, and background information on the project by Isabel Garcia Gomez and Madeleine Leclair from MEG Museum.The sleeve features an artwork by celebrated Zimbabwean painter Portia Zvavahera.Part of the budget for the album was donated to Forward Mazuruse’s Music For Development Foundation whose aim is to identify, nurture, and record young but underprivileged musicians in Zimbabwe.The album is released in conjunction with Midori Takada and Shomyo of Koya-san's You Who Are Leaving To Nirvana, also available on LP and CD on WRWTFWW Records.Mbira / Environmental / Ambient / Percussion
Ulla roots her style in improvised jazz and blues on a very welcome follow-up to her entry for our Documenting Sound series, and the sublime ‘Tumbling Towards A Wall’ LPUlla offers more precious room to breathe and space to think on ‘Limitless Frame’, dispensing a broader palette of instrumentation to evoke finer, ephemeral feels with a more timeless appeal. Her sound appears more porous to influence from strains of wistful jazz and blues here, vacillating and morphing her dreamlike ambient purview between parts of signature, aleatoric ambient pads and rustling room recordings, along with more classicist or traditionalist turns of guitars, sax and keys that call to mind K. Leimer via The Remote Viewer. It’s a perhaps surprising change in the winds of her music, and one we’re very happy to follow.In the artist’s own words “I made this music as a way to hug myself” and listeners can trust that hug will extend to them, too. She spends the first half of the record wrapping us up in clouds of pads, processed strums and fractured melodies, whisked to a gentle peak in the keening swoon of ‘Chest of Drawers’ around the middle, while the second half unravels into gorgeous loner arrangements. She captures the most wistful sensations akin to Annie Hogan’s parlour keys on ‘Something Inside My Body’, and crystalline trickles of guitars in ‘Clearly The Memory’, with the softly pealing wind of ‘Walk Alone’ calling to mind Loren Connors and Daniel Carter’s ‘The Departing of A Dream.’
Pioneers in their own musical approaches, Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, began their exploration of sound in the evocatively titled V.I.R.U.S series in 2002. After more than a decade from the release of the collection's final installment with "Summvs" in 2011, NOTON reissues all the five albums between June and October 2022.With its impressionistic atmosphere, in this collaborative project two generations met and shared the idea of electronic music as an inspiration source for new musical structures. Over a series of five albums, Vrioon (2002),Insen (2005), Revep (2006), utp_ (2008), and summvs (2011), the duo have explored blending electronic and acoustic sounds into a meditative whole that is at once expressive, breathing and precision-engineered.Remastered in collaboration with Calyx Mastering, the recordings of Vrioon, Insen, Revep, Utp_, and Summvs are made available on vinyl and CD under the title 'reMASTER, accompanied by exclusive, unreleased compositions and housed in a beautifully designed sleeve with original cover art by Carsten Nicolai.
Very special one. Effervescent Space Farm Fertilizer
The first Huerco S. album in 6 years, Plonk’s world does not wholly resemble anything Brian Leeds has made under any alias. His sound palette has broadened to absorb and refine trap’s un-smeared geometrics and drill’s taught rhythms amongst the gaseous bodies and soul-piercing ambience that has garnered such acclaim; Where those previous veins were rooted in the pre-Columbian civilizations of his native Kansas, Plonk reflects the mournful sodium glow of cities at night, street corners that light up with painful moments of clarity you wish would disappear.
Jin Mu is taken from the Chinese Zodiac and translates to the elements of Metal (Jin) and Wood (Mu). this is essentially the concept of this record.. Tucceri plays a selection of wooden and metal flutes and Zeitgeist plays drums and cymbals. In this sense it's a musical connection to the natural elements and spirits embodied in these instruments.Having worked together for several years on the project ‘Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange’ Zeitgeist and Tucceri come together here in a very intimate and vulnerable setting. This recording offers a place of reflection and healing amongst an ever imposing and disposable pop culture. In a time where we fight for each others attention in 10 second social media grabs. The duo offer something of the opposite. An opportunity to tap out of the technological bombardment and allow the listener the place to reflect, to ponder, to imagine. This record is especially poignant at a time of rising tensions in Australia about the acknowledgment and rights of the indigenous peoples and an ongoing fight for the settlement of refugees in what is essentially a nation of immigrants.
In 1977 an obscure Italian private label issued a record that sounded like it came from outer space. A long and dense trance-inducing drone of sustained notes, rich with overtones and harmonic embellishments, coming from a space so vast and unexplored that seemed almost of non-human, even electronic naturePrima Materia was a vocal improvisation ensemble, founded by Roberto Laneri in 1973. Composed entirely of vocalists with no academic training, the group developed various techniques – revolving mostly around the use of overtones – that would embody their unique sound. No instruments nor electronic manipulations were ever employed within the group's physiognomy, which was realized purely through the human voice.La Coda Della Tigre, the group's sole album, was recorded in 1977 by Alvin Curran and released on Ananda, an artist-run label founded by Laneri, Curran and Giacinto Scelsi. As the original liner notes state, "The music of Prima Materia may sound radically new, yet at the same time it is likely to ring some distant bell and evoke ancient emotions. This is not due to chance: indeed, the very name of the group points to a specific path, namely, the unfolding of the potential implicit in the alchemical symbol as embodying a process of transmutation of consciousness." Prima Materia's four members (Laneri, Claudio Ricciardi, Gianni Nebbiosi and Susanne Hendricks) combine voices to create a singular, beautiful drone that is (as the group's name suggests) both impossible to define and fundamentally simple. This first-time standalone reissue is recommended for fans of La Monte Young, Terry Riley and Disques Ocora.
Nine tracks of 'life-affirming downer music' by Swedish duo Charlott Malmenholt and Joakim Karlsson aka Treasury Of Puppies. Mitt Stora Nu is the Gothenburg-based duo's second album, following last year's titled Lollos Dagbok and their eponymous debut back in 2020. A collection of lo-fi and quirky indie-pop ditties, all said to have been influenced by Edgar Allan Poe as much as Britney Spears. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and pressed in an edition of 1000 copies. Comes with insert.
Nine tracks of 'life-affirming downer music' by Swedish duo Charlott Malmenholt and Joakim Karlsson aka Treasury Of Puppies. Mitt Stora Nu is the Gothenburg-based duo's second album, following last year's titled Lollos Dagbok and their eponymous debut back in 2020. A collection of lo-fi and quirky indie-pop ditties, all said to have been influenced by Edgar Allan Poe as much as Britney Spears. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and pressed in an edition of 1000 copies. Comes with insert.
A Love Letter From The Circuit BoardHumanity Adrift In The Constellations Of Data
Polish composer Olga Wojciechowska and veteran electronic producer Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner, combine on A Strangely Isolated Place to revisit a beloved Strië album - Olga’s more electronic and experimental alias.With previous releases on Serein and Time Released Sound as Strië, Olga Wojciechowska’s ‘Struktura’ was released in 2015 to a limited audience due to its physical-only format. As Olga’s work becomes increasingly more coveted, through her more recent releases on A Strangely Isolated Place (Unseen Traces & Infinite Distances), and with Struktura praised as one of her finest albums to date, the discussion to breathe new life into the album resulted in a unique pairing with Scanner, an electronic music producer and multimedia artist responsible for some of the most defining works of the genre since the early 1990s.Blurring the line between harmony and dissonance, Struktura’s original recordings paint an eerie, haunting and beautiful picture, conceptualized around abstract art, with intricacies and mystery abound. Here, Strië’s original recordings remain untouched, albeit lovingly remastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri, and it is left to Scanner to provide further interpretations of Olga’s original recordings.Scanner productions can typically traverse a myriad of styles, but here, Robin took a primarily live-hardware approach to the remixes, allowing the rawness of his recordings to add story and depth. Recorded in one take, with no overdubs, the reinterpretations strip the melodies and textures to their original essence, bringing an entirely analog element to Olga’s intrinsically detailed originals.Featuring artwork by Rep Ringel and mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri, Struktura Revisited is available on Gatefold 2LP in a black/grey half-and-half vinyl, with 6x6” soft-touch heavy art card.
B1 is a killer .. Milan-based dub techno outfit Primal Code. With a solid back catalogue comprising releases for Hypnus Records, TGP and Konstrukt, the Italian duo have honed their skills to impressive effect over the last few years, forging a sound signature thoroughly engaging on both body and cerebral levels, and now punching in on KOC to breathe further hard-hitting opaque heat into the collection.Putting things into gear, “AI Calculator” propels us across dim-lit streetscapes and murky subterranean entrails, pared-down to a minimal array of modular signals, subtle machine inflections and particularly acute rhythmic progression. Steering the original into further pumped-up, DJ-friendly territories, NAFF affiliate Priori drops the hammer badman style, bringing forth the racing muscular bass and squelchy machine talk on loop mode to keep everyone on their toes from start to finish.Flexing a different kind of acidic swagger, “Autopilot” pulls out the weird extra-terrestrial jazz tropes and whirling dynamics for a round of proper otherworldly bop in the outer-space. Last but not least, “Mainframe” rounds off the release on a more openly experimental note, letting the loops, envelopes and textures float in a haze of half-controlled abstraction. The result evokes something of an immunocompromised Rubber Johnny getting glazed as he weightlessly drifts off from a galaxy to another, and into another world completely.
The first vinyl release from s2i Recordings introduces Fader Cap (previously Sedgwick). An existential trip across 3 tracks recorded in one 12 hour session, with the source material written for live-performance in early 2021. Heavy on the 303, with rhythmic propulsion for the breaks-inclined heads. Tinged with heavy nostalgia for the atmosphere of DIY sound systems in the Australian bush.
Repress! Deep space electro from Louis Marlo, remixed by Lou Karsh.Sliding 808’s, Glistening IDM melodies and Process Driven electronics.Deep space Electro from Louis Marlo with a Stunning Lou Karsh Remix on the flip. ‘Who wants alchemy?’
The 12” starts with the euphoric rave anthem “Members of Warning 2021” by Giraffi Dog & Erik Jäähalli. A track title some of you might recognize which will bring peace and harmony to It’s followed by the heartwarming Hip Hop cut “Shout Outs” which is dedicated to da family and our sweet raver posse. The B side hits different as Henry 3000 is a G when it comes to baba Electro bombs while DJ Hummer understands to cool it down in trancy Westcoast Funk manner. A well balanced pack of diverse tunes wrapped once again in beautiful design by Guillaume de Ubeda.
repressed !Leeds based party On Rotation launches it’s record label with a LP from resident Adam Pits. His debut album ‘A Recurring Nature’, draws inspiration from time spent in nature with friends during a year when clubbing was an impossibility. Over the course of 8 varied tracks, Adam moves between club slammers and spaced-out introspective downtempo with ease, showing off the production skills that have made him one of the most talked about names of late.Combining the unique style of his previous club EPs with organic sound design and his own classical cello background, the psychedelic sonic palette is reminiscent of long summer days foraging for mushrooms and other treats from the undergrowth.

Favorite Soul / Funk : All Times Classic

Abstrack France kicks off with Medecines, which is a first album for the Balek Band and label. It is, they say, "the product of a magma of influences, the emanation of large decade of music infused lives." It is also a deeply absorbing musical landscape with cosmic overtones, spiritual moods and elements of everything from kraut to dub to disco, funk and more. A rich array of instruments and percussion join the retro-future synth work to make each track busy and compelling, fresh and unique. It's an escapist and therapeutic listen that works both in the club, at home, in the car or on the beach.
As a fine collector of Jazz-Funk and Fusion for many years, Charles Maurice selected some of his favorite forgotten productions, as he previously did for the AOR Global Sounds, French and Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds compilations series.This time, recordings come from Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, New Zealand, Uruguay, Spain and France, from artists and bands mostly known in their local scenes. You'll hear here the best elements of the Fusion and Jazz-Funk genre: breezy vocal arrangements reminding Flora Purim in Return To Forever or George Duke's albums, sweet and virtuosic Fender Rhodes (kind of common thread of the comp), melodic spiral-shaped fuzzy synthesizers leads, or irresistible basslines, altogether bringing a unique groove to life.
If you’re in the middle of a soul searching effort, we’re more than willing to point you in the right direction! ReGrooved has taken it upon itself to rerelease an otherwise lost treasure called Dancin’ in the Flames of Love by Regina James. This record first saw the light of day back in 1978 and was never reissued on vinyl.Not only was this album the only one ever released by the singer, it seems that security has claimed her ever since. Only three singles under her name have come forth, one standalone 7” called ‘Gee Wiz Boy – backed with ‘My Man Is Coming Home’ - followed by ‘Alfie/Dancin’ in the Name of Love’ in support of her album. After the Maxi-Single ‘My Love (Ain't Gonna Never Let You Get Away)’ – again using ‘Dancin’ in the Name of Love’ for the B-side – she has literally vanished from any and all charts.Her legacy lives on, though. Apart from the obscurity that surrounds both the record and its performer, another important detail makes this disc an important collector’s item. For it seems that Regina James was a protégé of none other than legendary songwriter, producer and vocalist Clarence Reid, who actually became (in)famous through his controversial XXX- rated stage persona Blowfly!Many of the songs on Dancin’ in the Name of Love were written by him – including the title track. Catchy soul, funk and disco rhythms are given an extra dimension by various synthetic sound effects and James’ sultry vocals. She often uses narration to introduce a track and ease the listener into the subsequent grooviness.Enjoy this formerly lost treasure!
Broc Recordz presents its new 7inch of the legendary Janko Nilovic with the Soul Surfers!Enter in this psychedelic and groovy record with a crazy artwork made by Fabricio Orellano from Argentina.
2 New Brazilian Jam Edit by Lord Funk & Dj Moar ! BOMB !
The Daktaris is a well-disciplined army of two hundred African Bull Elephants marching relentlessly up your business to the beat from Funky Drummer. Or so began the liner notes on the original pressing of this album...Truth is often stranger than fiction. In 1998, Desco Records—a precursor to Daptone and Soul Fire Records—released The Daktaris’ Soul Explosion, ostensibly as a reissue of an unearthed Nigerian LP from the seventies. Though it’s now common knowledge that the story was a bit of a hoax, the record’s significance as a seminal part of the Afrobeat and afro-funk renaissance of the last two decades cannot be denied. The roots of the Budos Band, Antibalas, and uncountable others can be traced back to this enigmatic afro-funk release.Now, two decades later, Daptone has remastered the album from the original tapes, including a bonus track that had previously only been available on a 45, and featuring extensive all new liner notes by Bosco Mann telling the bizarre true story behind the Daktaris sessions. Out December 14th - Limited Translucent Orange Vinyl available (1 per person) while they last! Not included in Holiday LP sale.The DAKTARISSoul Explosion (remastered)Daptone US
This is Sugarman and Co's 3rd LP, but 1st on Daptone - Featuring the vocal debut of then rising star and now bonafide headliner, Charles Bradley. A must for any serious fan of Funk and Soul.SUGARMAN 3 & COMPANYPure Cane SugarDaptone US
Daptone main man Bosco Mann firmly believes that Lee Fields' 1998 album Let's Get a Groove On played a big part in sparking the modern funk revival of the last two decades. Whether or not that's the case is debatable, but there's no denying the quality of the album - as this fully re-mastered reissue proves. The album's genius lies not in the insanely good (and mostly deliciously heavy) J.B's-like funk backing tracks, but the sheer energy and impassioned quality of Fields' vocal performances. It's one of those albums that not only sounds like it could have been recorded at the turn-of-the-'70s, but should also be in the record box of any serious funk enthusiast. In other words, you need this in your life.
Isaac HAYESHot Buttered Soul (remastered)UMC
LITTLE ANNDetroit's Secret SoulKent
Alice Clark's 1972 debut album - her sole full-length outing - has long been considered one of the great, unheralded soul albums, with collectors clamouring to source copies of the hard-to-find set. As this reissue proves, it remains a fantastic album. Clark's vocals are superb throughout, soaring above gospel-influenced backing tracks rich in Jimmy Smith style organs, hazy horns and a rhythm section that strikes a perfect balance between groovy looseness and low-down tightness. The set's plentiful highlights including soaring torch song "Don't Wonder Why", the jazzy wooziness of "Maybe This Time", the surprisingly funky (but still laidback and groovy) "Charms Of The Arms Of Love" and impressive opener "I Keep It Hid".
Glitterbeat is very excited to reissue the out-of-print debut album from Brazil's 10-piece instrumental powerhouse: Bixiga 70. Originally released a decade ago, the self-titled record is the bold mission statement for the acclaimed albums that followed. Urgent and uncompromising. An inspired soundworld where Afro-Brazilian traditions and retro and contemporary sonics seamlessly meld together.The LP-only reissue is a celebration of Bixiga 70's 10th anniversary and has been specially mastered for vinyl and lovingly packaged in a gatefold sleeve.
Late soul singing sensation Sharon Jones has a collection of her finest coves all pulled together in one essential album here. It's chocked with classics from the off with 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours' filled with big soul vibes, Motown production and funky guitar riffs to die for. 'What Have You Done For Me Lately' is a cover of a Janet Jackson tune that actually lead to a legal battle over who write it first and is a more raw and hard hitting tune. 'Rescue Me' is painfully short but super sweet, with a funky and tropical world vibe reimagined beneath big horns and lung busting vocals from Sharon.

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