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Bird Syndrome (Extended Edition)

Bird Syndrome (Extended Edition)




1x Vinyl LP Album1x CD Album



Release date

Jun 24, 2022


Trip Hop

NxQuantize Le Discopathe Montpellier

Originally released in 2017 under his pseudonym No Quantize, Bird Syndrome, the first album of the french artist NxQuantize, is now being reissued with an additional remixed version. As a symbol of a new beginning , the talented musician and producer based in Marseille changes his alias and joins the Omakase Recordings music label to give a rebirth to his trip-hop opus tainted with jazz and electronic music.

For this occasion, several artists who come from a broader musical spectrum have reinterpreted the Bird Syndrome’s nine tracks through a series of hip-hop, ambient, electronica and dance music remixes. The richness of this expanded release reflects the production process of NxQuantize next album, currently in progress...

Discovering or re-discovering Bird Syndrome is like diving into the poetic and introspective world of an incredibly skilled musician in search of freedom, emotions and magic.

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NxQuantize - Shluhmy


NxQuantize - CauchemardEsque


NxQuantize - Time has Come


NxQuantize - Loux


NxQuantize - Motion


NxQuantize - Elation


NxQuantize - Getting Ready


NxQuantize - Dive


NxQuantize - Wakon


NxQuantize - Motion


NxQuantize - Wakon


NxQuantize - Loux


NxQuantize - CauchemardEsque


NxQuantize - Getting Ready


NxQuantize - Loux


NxQuantize - Dive


NxQuantize - Time Has Come


NxQuantize - Shluhmy


NxQuantize - Elation


NxQuantize - Shluhmy

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