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Pawel's Bar
Pawel’s Desert Trip

Pawel’s Desert Trip




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP Stereo



Release date

Jan 14, 2022

Pawel's BAr - Pawel Desert Trip - Le Discopathe - Montpellier

When the great mystic Meister Eckhart went out from Gotha into the world to investigate the states of the souls of the clergy, the faithful and mankind in general, he soon ended up in the desert regions. A flash of lightning quickly passed through him, one of insight: the desert is us, it is within us. It is the place of total contemplation, a fortress of solitude. The real desert, whether Gobi, Sahara or Atacama, on the other hand, is populated: by animals, small and large, crawling and flying; by plants, prickly, green, brown or in permanent sleep; by billions of micro and macro organisms. PAWEL, your insights are like those of the mystic: THE DESERT IS ALIVE!

PAWEL'S BAR is the alias of Leipzig based Marvin Uhde aka QNETE. While as the latter he’s known for sophisticated house and shows a preference for breakbeats, Pawel's Bar is much more reserved and subtle. Its dub and downbeat structures that build the foundation on »Pawel’s Desert Trip«. Instead of faceing the dancefloor head-on, tracks like the shimmering WELWITSCHIA, the mellow MANY BIRDS or the nature-dubby PHARAOHS work excellently as companions for any life situation. Rather soundtracks of withdrawal than mere ecstatic escapism. Big feelings. Meanwhile, on RECYCLE, REFRESH and BEACH NIGHTS you can hear why QNETE is such a sought-after DJ and producer (X-Kalay, Shtum or 777): a deep knowledge of what a party might need, although nobody expects it - as Pawel's Bar he can prove this knowledge as well, even if he tries to disguise it.
 With this, he also follows the rumor that has been around for a few years about the Kame House Records: This is where great producers come to think outside the box and deliver their unexpectedly best records.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Refresh, Recycle



Many Birds



Beach Night





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