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Sound Of Da Police

Sound Of Da Police








1x Vinyl 7" Single Reissue



Release date

Nov 30, 2021


Hip Hop


Hip Hop

KRS ONE Sound Of Da Police Jive

Taking the reigns for a repress, Jive Records have taken the important step of revisiting KRS One's rap classic 'Sound Of Da Police'. Besides the popularity of its uniquely catchy 'woop woop' refrain, this early 90s gem was the second and final single from KRS One's debut album Return Of The Boom Bap, and importantly criticizes the hypocrisies of the American justice system, as well as the horrors of racial profiling and police brutality. Besides the events of 2021 making this year the most appropriate time yet in which to re-release such a song, the funk heads at Juno will be keen to spot this classic's sampling of several greats, including licks by Grand Funk Railroad and Sly And The Family Stone.

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Sound Of Da Police (LP Version)



Hip Hop VS Rap


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