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Rhoda Scott
Live At The Olympia

Live At The Olympia
Live At The OlympiaLive At The OlympiaLive At The OlympiaLive At The OlympiaLive At The OlympiaLive At The OlympiaLive At The OlympiaLive At The OlympiaLive At The Olympia






2x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Jan 1, 1971




Superbe copie pour un superbe live. Rhoda Scott Live Discopathe Montpellier

Superbe copie pour un superbe live.

Media: VG+i
Sleeve: VG+


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Hymne A L'Amour






Ain't No Use



Ça Va Mieux



Thank You (For Letting Me Be Myself)



I Hear Music



Wade In The Water






Li'l Darlin'


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In May 1972, the wave of anger and the thirst for freedom that had swept the world in 1968 arrived in Madagascar. The Malagasy youth took the opportunity to exile in search of a brighter future. Several of them, all jazz musicians and often polyintrumentalists, came to Paris with their afro hair and bellbottoms. Their names were Sylvin Marc, his cousin Ange "Zizi" Japhet, Del Rabenja, Gérard Rakotoarivony and Frank Raholison.By chance, they crossed paths with pianist and bandleader Jef Gilson, who they had already met as kids during a series of concert and workshops in Tananarive four years earlier. Gilson was far from an unknown on the French jazz scene. He had played with Boris Vian and André Hodeir at the end of the forties, he was one of the first French composers to move away from the New-Orleans style to try his hand at bebop, had launched numerous young stars (Ponty, Texier, Portal...), was a polemical critic for Jazz Hot, had opened for Coltrane at Antibes/Juan Les Pins, and was part of the Double Six... But it was tough to make a living playing personal compositions and Jef, who didn’t have enough money to return to the island and continue mining the seam of Malagasy jazz, saw an opportunity to relaunch ‘Malagasy’.He had his recording studio in the Les Halles area, at the Foyer Montorgueil, where he was teaching jazz to a choir. He set to work with the new Malagasy group, working on a repertoire and reviving some of his compositions from the 50s/60s ("Requiem Pour Django", "Dizzy 48", "Anamorphose" here renamed "Salegy Jef" as a nod to an ancestral rhythm reworked in a contemporary style...), and also included more recent tunes ("Newport Bounce" which opens this current album is a reworking of a track called "Interlude", recorded in 69 with the drummer from Miles Davis’ first quintet, Philly Joe Jones). The group Malagasy 73 gigged a lot. One of their concerts was recorded on the 14 March in a club, ‘Le Newport’, in rue Grégoire de Tours, Saint Germain des Prés, not far from the ‘Kiosque d'Orphée’ where Gilson worked at the beginning of the 60s when he brought bebop and avant-garde jazz to the attention of a generation of musicians with his records imported from USA.This meeting between two generations and two cultures created a new mix between jazz, traditional music and electric funk. Jef Gilson had reinvented himself yet again, and it wouldn’t be the last time.Jérôme « Kalcha » Simonneau
The jazz single is a weird bird. The history of the forma lies in commercial functions such as juke boxes and radio promotion tools, the attempts to deliver those few minute emotional bursts between our air waves of attention.So unfitting was the format back in its hay days of the 1960’s that many jazz workouts were deemed to be split in half to those dreaded pt. 1’s and 2’s, fading out the fun just when cooking got cooking and swingin singing. Ultraääni have fortunately spared us from this scenario, and offer two unique performances by two dynamic acts.Antti Vauhkonen’s one-man-show Oiro Pena hops on his typical deeply spiritual train with “Jazzpelle”. The title takes its strength from the insult that Finnish jazzers have gotten used to hear from less sophisticated lips. Jooklo Sextet’s psychedelic flip shares many qualities with quality hardcore punk from its 2 minute duration to the rawness of the performance. Grown from a duo to quartet and now all the way to a sextet, the Jooklos give us their everything with an energy that would probably make pops Charlie proud.-Markus Karlqvist
You need to hear this at least once in your life.
The ‘Abroad EP’ catalogues a period of time spent travelling Japan in the spring of 2019. Throughout the course of the month-long trip, Rudy carried around a portable recorder, capturing various sounds that caught his ear. That collection of found sounds would eventually become the foundation for the EP, each track utilizing a handful of different recordings ranging from bird calls in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park, to windchimes in the coastal town of Kawazu. The EP took a full year of patient, daily work to complete, during which time Rudy invited a diverse group of collaborators in to help finish the songs. Throughout the recording process, harp, saxophone, and violin parts were added to create a unique blend of organic and electronic sounds.

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