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The Clandestine Quartet
One For The Fossa, Two For The Wolverine

One For The Fossa, Two For The Wolverine
One For The Fossa, Two For The WolverineOne For The Fossa, Two For The Wolverine




1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Jan 1, 2019

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Don't Hang From My Ceiling



Thank You Mr. Jackpots



(So Long) Harry Dean



One For The Fossa, Two For The Wolverine



Wrong Church


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Shawn Lee's country-soul solo album Rides Again in 2019 was a fascinating one that picked up, rightly, plenty of plaudits. Now he returns with follow up long player Rides Yet again on Germany's Legere Recordings. He is in a more personal and reflective mode than before with an intriguing set of songs. US born but London based he is a prolific singer, songwriter, musician, producer, arranger, filmmaker and author so this album has a strong narrative arc running all throughout it. Soulful but with hints of Americana, it's a unique proposition.
It's been a long time since the UK jazz scene was as thriving and fertile as it is right now, and one of the most fascinating artists currently doing it is Emma-Jean Thackray. UM Yang is her long-envisaged project "dedicated to the Taoist philosophy of duality and harmony" and it has been record straight to vinyl, lending the sounds a real, visceral feel. The DJ, beat maker, trumpeter, singer and composer draws on all her skills to collide worlds here as she leads a septet into the unknown. Free jazz, wailing trumpets, deconstructed marching bands and so much more make for a dense tapestry of sound that leaves you spellbound.
Groupe de “pop frenchy intergalactique”, au sens amoureux des couleurs vintages, Satellite Jockey séduit les étoiles depuis ses débuts shoegaze jusqu’ à sa finesse psychedelique actuelle.Avec plusieurs albums au compteur et des tournées hexagonales, Satellite Jockey, s’est distingué par son esthétisme des grands de la pop.

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