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Alice Clark
Alice Clark

Alice Clark
Alice ClarkAlice Clark




1x Vinyl LP Album Reissue Remastered



Release date

Jun 28, 2019



Alice CLARK Alice Clark (reissue) Wewantsounds

Alice Clark's 1972 debut album - her sole full-length outing - has long been considered one of the great, unheralded soul albums, with collectors clamouring to source copies of the hard-to-find set. As this reissue proves, it remains a fantastic album. Clark's vocals are superb throughout, soaring above gospel-influenced backing tracks rich in Jimmy Smith style organs, hazy horns and a rhythm section that strikes a perfect balance between groovy looseness and low-down tightness. The set's plentiful highlights including soaring torch song "Don't Wonder Why", the jazzy wooziness of "Maybe This Time", the surprisingly funky (but still laidback and groovy) "Charms Of The Arms Of Love" and impressive opener "I Keep It Hid".

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I Keep It Hid



Looking At Life



Don't Wonder Why



Maybe This Time (From The Motion Picture "Cabaret")



Never Did I Stop Loving You



Charms Of The Arms Of Love



Don't You Care



It Takes Too Long To Learn To Live Alone



Hard Hard Promises



Hey Girl


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